Thursday, March 7, 2013

Life is Too Short Do What You Love

I was thinking back...way back. This is what I would consider myself. I love the woods, fishing, riding on gravel road, picking wild blackberries along fence posts, and all things considered Backwoods. It seems like now that I have gotten older, there isn't any time for these things anymore. The world seems to have gotten in the fast lane, and all the things I love to do have been put on the back burner. Why do we do that to ourselves? If I took more time to do what a love. I would be more productive. Hmmm...I think I should slate a time to get back to the woods. Surround myself with all the beauty of the outdoors. Throw a fishing line out, and sit still by the water. If I don't catch anything, I still would have enjoyed the quiet and getting to know myself again. Life is too short...Do what you love! And my name is Barbie :)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring Is On My Mind

Some people see these rainy days in March as gloomy and depressing. Light those candles turn on some cheery music, dance like nobody is watching. These rainy days will bring us splashes of beautiful color in the near future. I am dreaming of slow long days, drives in the country, bonfires and road trips. I look out the window and I already see the daffodils blooming with bright yellow faces reaching toward the sky. So my advice is, hang in there, make the day beautiful and wait for those seeds deep in the soil to become a rose! Live, Laugh, Love

Monday, March 4, 2013

Sweet Dreams Friends

A Touch of Spring. Happy Monday!

Save The Bottles!
I woke up this morning feeling the Winter blues. Then I realized I could add a little Spring Time with some old bottles I had lying around. The cold and short days of Winter seem to have an effect on energy. So I am bringing Spring indoors. Believe it or not, my mood changed. So gather you up some bottles and find some blooms and perk up your mood. Mondays seem to get me down, too. So..I think I have accomplished my goal of setting my mood to be in a more happy state. :)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Uniquely You!

Recycle It!

I love this idea from Matthew Mead! Line an old mop bucket with a florist's container. You now have a planter that can be moved around easily. Fill the bucket with potting soil and fill with a bevy of colorful blooming plants. now have a planter. You can give it a whitewash for a rustic cottage look, or paint it any color you wish. A beautiful impact from a simple old mop bucket!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Be Prepared!

Keep on Truckin' Baby!!
A true "Picker" NEVER leaves the house unprepared. You can have all the fancy cars. I never leave the house in anything but my pickup. You never know when you may need to steer yourself right into a yardsale, flea market, or even something sitting out for the garbage. I have been disappointed a few times seeing a "treasure" that needed a home, and no way to haul it. Believe me, someone else will grab it if you don't! So forget the little sport car, and truck around. You will be glad you did! :-)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Take Your Time!

A beautiful find at a newly opened local Thrift Store. A vintage Germany Cake Stand. Numbered and Signed. I purchased this beauty and sold it within 3 days! Always dig...that is when you will find the perfect Treasure to snatch up! I never make "quick" visits. I have to feel, touch, inspect and usually I find the perfect buy tucked away where it is not readily visible to other shoppers who simply don't take their time. Never rush...make it a mission!!!!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Cruisin' At a Steal!

One of my favorite of all time finds was this Panama Jack Cruiser Bicycle...all decked out with wood grain trim!! I found the little basket on the handle bars at a yard sale...The bicycle was found at a Pawn Shop in Florida. Total price for this set of wheels...$50.00! No rust, new tires and the wood grain is to die for..As soon as Spring returns...this girl is CRUISIN' !!

New Blogger

Welcome to my all new blogspot. I decided I needed a spot to share my love of Vintage Style. Please revisit my Blogspot as much as you would like. You will get a glimpse into the world of Beautiful Junque.